Sujok Elastic Massage Ring Jumbo - (Set of 4)

Our Very Special Multy Utility Health Kit Product :

Sujok Elastic Massage Ring Jumbo - (Set of 4)
USD 23.00 (Note: Call for BULK deal.) +91.900.40.44.110
● An economic and effective COMPLETE HEALTH KIT.
● Can be used for bulk gifting ( Corporate gifting due to cheap rates and best utility).
● May be used as a supplement along with a main gift, where-ever required.
● As its a complete multi-utility health kit , it may be used as the best replacement of other external health products.
● It covers all the points n body parts and serves exactly the same results as other Sujok or acupressure products do.
● This Multi-Utility Health Kit is very light in weight so can be carried in your pocket or can be said that .. CARRY YOUR HEALTH IN YOUR OWN POCKET!!!.
● Can serve as a best alternate health product for your friends and relatives or for whom you care.
Jogendra Singh जोगेंद्र सिंह ● +91.900.40.44.110
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In the pack of Sujok Elastic Massage Ring Jumbo - (Set of 4) :
● A) One Sujok Ring Jumbo (for Palm + Complete Body)
● B) One Sujok Ring Jumbo (for Thumb)
● C) One Sujok Ring Best (for Fingers)
● D) One Sujok Massage Spirals (Korean)
● * Your Health in Your own Pocket as it is portable and can be used Anytime / Anywhere.* ●
(A) Sujok Ring Jumbo And it's Use & Benifits :
(Acupressure Ring for Palm + Any Part of the Body)

● Inside the Ring are all four fingers and out side is the thumb, hold the Sujok Jumbo Ring with the Help of the Thumb, keeping the Thumb straight along the length of the Fingers.
● Now the Jumbo Ring is around the Palm and its back portion, holding in the same position move it To and Fro in gentle motions against the palm of the other hand or any part of the body even head massage is possible.
● It helps to Improve Beauty, Blood -Circulation and minimizes BP Toubles, Sciatica, Leg pain, Cramps, Heel- Pain,knee-Pain, Shoulder- Pain, Obesity, Constipation, Gastric Trouble, Acidity, Diabetes, Indigestion, Renal Problems, Back-ache, Numbness of Fingers and Legs, Arthiritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Lund Problems...etc. It Energizes the body, Relieves the Physical Tiredness, provides Sound Sleep, and helps to maintain an Ailment Free Life.
● It curtails Your Expenses done on Heavy and Costly Acupressure Equipments and All kind of Electro Vibrater Massagers, simaltaneously Provides You All the Health Benefitsof Both.
● Above All Sujok Jumbo Ring is Light To Bear as well as Light to Carry...No Burden On Your Pocket Bothways...
(B,C) Sujok massage Rings and it's Use & Benefits :
(Acupressure Ring for Thumb Or Fingers)

● Finger care Acupuncture finger massager rings are the finger and thumb massagers.
● The ring is put on a finger or on the thumb and is slightly rolled back and forth along the length of the finger /thumb till the massaged part gets red.
● This activity stimulates the entire nervous system and the brain activities.
● The use of these Rings may be beneficial for : The cure of numbness of Fingers, Arthiritis, Cervical Spondylitis, Snoring, Joint Pains, Back-Ache, BP Normalization, many Lungs and Heart Troubles, Headache , Shoulder Ache...etc.
● Very useful for BPO Workers and for those who sit in front of the computer for long hour.
(D) Sujok Massage Spirals (Korean) And it's Use & Benifits :
(Acupressure massage Spirals For Palm)

● It's specially designed for points of Hands, Foot and Body reflexology & acupressure.
● You just roll this on your palm and feets for 5 to 10 minutes per day basis before getting your meal. It gives sharp and effective Massage.
● Massage Spiral is made up of high quality material.
● Massage Spiral stimulates acupressure points, activates blood circulation, gives freshness, remove tiredness ,regulates Digestive System, Palm Sweating, effective in shoulder pain, Muscular Pain and entire health maintenance.
Note :
● 1. For external use only. 2. Absolutely harmless.
● 3. Made by tip point wire formating method, with wire knoted locking system and joined by soldering.

( Sujok Acupressure therapy is used for preventive health improving purpose& absolutely Harshless, Harmless & Complimentary to your Health )
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